New-York Historical Society Museum & Library

New-York Historical Society Museum & Library

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Address: 170 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024
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On the north edge of Central Park in Manhattan sits New York City’s first museum, the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library. With over 1.6 million works, the museum is a popular destination for those fascinated with the political and cultural history of both New York and America.

Founded in 1804 by American philanthropist John Pintard, the museum was housed in seven different locations before making its permanent home in the beautiful classic Roman Eclectic style building on Central Park West in 1908.


The museum hosts a variety of fascinating items, from toys to sculptures, to paintings. Enjoy examining the great collection of over 3,000 toys and board games dating back to the 19th century. View Frederic Edwin Church and Thomas Cole’s renowned collection of Hudson River School paintings. See George Washington’s camp bed and imagine him resting there while at Valley Forge. Imagine how young men felt as their names were pulled from the draft lottery wheel during the Civil War in 1863.


With over three million items including books, music sheets, photographs, maps, and newspapers, the research library is a must see during your visit to the museum. Within the intriguing collection you’ll find well-preserved 18th century newspapers, the letter written to Robert E. Lee with the terms of Ulysses S. Grant’s surrender during the Civil War, a 1793 white marble bust of Alexander Hamilton, travel diaries from the colonial era, as well as approximately 10,000 dining menus dating back to 1880.

Luce Center

Step into the Luce Center to be greeted by interactive media and breathtaking exhibitions. There you’ll find the Center for Women’s History, Tech Commons, the North Gallery which features hundreds of historic artifacts, and Roy Zuckerberg’s Silver Gallery. Then follow the captivating blue light downstairs and into the Gallery of Tiffany Lamps where you’ll be in awe of 100 glimmering glass lamps, designed mostly by Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls.

Next time you’re in Manhattan make your way to the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library for a truly inspiring and educational walk through the history of America.

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