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For a fascinating glimpse of New York City’s transformation from past to present visit the High Line, an elevated park with a historic rail line as its foundation.

Beginning in 1934, the rail line ran above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side and led directly into factories for easy delivery and without disrupting traffic. Operations continued until 1980 when the final portion of the track was closed, largely due to the rise of interstate trucking.

In an effort to preserve the rail line it was re-purposed into an elevated urban park, celebrated with a grand opening ceremony in 2009.

City Overlook

Today, as you stroll along the High Line’s 1.45 miles you will find several observation decks. One of the most dramatic views is at the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Overlook where the rail line was severed. Another, is the amphitheater-like deck at 10th Avenue Square which offers great views of the Hudson River. You can also meander through 3 blocks of magnolias, berry trees and between large warehouses on the Falcone Flyover.

Outdoor Programming

Enter the semi-enclosed passage at 14th Street for outdoor programming, designed to showcase modern and historic artistic works through curated series and art videos. For more programming, along with art displays, visit the Chelsea Market Passage where you can also enjoy lunch at the open-air café.

Natural Gardens

Since the closing of the rail line, the earth below naturally sprung up a beautiful meadow and is now home to approximately 210 species of rugged meadow plants, with many of them located at the Northern Spur Preserve. The High Line also offers a forest-like stroll at the Chelsea Thicket, where you can walk along the embedded rail line through several species of tall trees and shrubs.

Family Fun

The Pershing Square Beams is designed with children in mind. Surrounded by a silicone surface, the original beams and girders provide a safe and fun zone where kids can run, climb and play.

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