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Address: 35 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003
Website: ABC Kitchen
Phone: (212) 475-5829
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ABC Kitchen with Jean-Georges is passionately committed to offering the freshest, safest ingredients, presenting a seasonal menu, that is locally focused and globally artistic, and cultivating a healthy relationship on their tables and for the planet.

ABC Kitchen & Michelin star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten invites you to enjoy their award-winning cuisine, curated in alignment with the farm-to-table movement. Their menu is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, hormones, is GMO-free, and naturally and humanely sourced from regional farmers and fair trade cooperatives, celebrating community and the future of the slow food movement.

Their atmospheric elements, under ABC Home curation, feature environmentally conscious stories, honoring the preservation of the arts and global sustainability.

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Published Date: February 18, 2018
Last Modified Date: April 10, 2019